Dining Contract at DU

This past fall the DUFLS became involved in the University of Denver’s contract renewal with Sodexo, the University’s food provider for University dining halls and cafes. We had one giant concern in petitioning DU with this contract: making sure the student body’s voice was heard.

Check out the original petition here: The University of Denver’s Big Food Secret

With 111 supporters signing the petition (both students and parents), the DUFLS and the student body have made some progress towards making sure student voices are heard by DU’s Administration. Tyler Nemkov, DUFLS President, gave us this update:


Concerning the situation with the DU administration and the dining services contract with Sodexo (summarized here), the DU Food Law Society is working to get a seat at the table with the administration on the renegotiation process. The parts are still in flux, but here is what we know so far:
1. Sodexo has agreed to draft formal amendments regarding sustainability and food quality goals
2. The administration will be more directly seeking data on the food program from students
3. The contract will be signed at the earliest in April of this year
4. The administration is still considering vetting other options, but are not sure where they stand on their requirements due to job turnover in the administration

This is not necessarily where we want to be thus far, but it is absolutely a step in the right direction. Please reach out if you would like more information on this.

We will keep you updated as this contract progresses. For more information on how you can get involved, or for updates as they come make sure to check out our Facebook page, or contact us by email: dufoodlaw@gmail.com