Sampling Careers in Food Law

This past month we had the privilege of hosting two great Food Law Speakers, Antonio Gallegos of Greenberg Traurig and Alex Funk of the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) for a lunch time food talk panel. While each of these speakers were from very different spectrums of Food Law, they both had a lot to say about the current issues plaguing them in this new Presidential Administration as well as insights into their current jobs.

gallegosaAntonio Gallegos does work in “regulatory compliance, litigation and dispute resolution for the food, nutrition and medical consumer products industries.” This is one of the most common forms of Food Law work. Antonio described his daily work as being mainly talking with clients on the phone, via email or in person giving regulatory advice.

alex-funk-bio-2Alex Funk “represents, mobilizes, and engages young farmers to ensure their success.” Alex connects with young farmers all over the western states of the United States representing their interests to the NYFC’s national platform. Alex described his daily work as traveling and connecting with farmers around their policy worries while engaging in regional policy negotiations.

The panel engaged with students giving them advice and suggestions on breaking into the food law sector of law before ending the talk with their favorite restaurants. Overall it was a solid panel with inquisitive participants. Make sure you don’t miss the next lunch talk and check out the links above to see what work you could do in the future!

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