Boulder’s Got Our Goats

The DU Food Law Society had its first organization outing last Saturday, April 9, and it was quite the kick off for the group!  Saturday’s activities began with a visit to the Mountain Flower Goat Dairy in Boulder, Colorado.

The dairy is a picturesque little agricultural oasis in the middle of Boulder that greets you with the fresh smell of straw and mountain air.  The location is also home to Long’s Iris Gardens, an added bonus in June when the gorgeous flowers begin blooming, painting the open space with brilliant colors. The influence of agriculture on the residents in the area is also apparent by the inclusion of a community garden.  Overall the space reminds those that visit of a peaceful existence among nature.

The visit began with a milking demonstration which allowed all of those visiting to get an idea of the efforts made to preserve quality and care of both animal and product.  After the milking demonstration, visitors were led on a guided tour of the facility by its Executive Director and Co-Founder, Taber Ward.  Taber is a passionate food activist who has combined her experience in goat husbandry and her law degree to use the dairy to provide milk share programs and educational opportunities for the community.  The tour included a look at the pasture areas on the grounds, the milking areas, and a visit to the Longs for a look at their Iris Garden operations.

Dennis Gates explains the history of Long’s Iris Gardens.

After our walk through the history of Boulder and the Long family’s place in that history, we visited the “Flower House” where the production of the milk for the dairy occurs.  There, we met Michael Montgomery, the Farm Director and an experienced chef who creates products and recipes for the milk produced at Mountain Flower, as well as teaches classes on fermentation and cheese making.  The Food Law Society was able to talk a little shop with both Taber and Michael and learn a little bit more about the legal rules surrounding the production of dairy products and the maintenance of a dairy farm in an urban area.

The visit to Mountain Flower concluded with a chance to visit the stars of the dairy, the goats themselves.  The Food Law Society got the chance to meet this years new kids, an adorable bumbling group of baby goats, easily one of the highlights of any visit, as well as the hard working momma goats.

Following our time at Mountain Flower, the Food Law Society made a trip to downtown Boulder, where we made a stop at Cured.  We got the treat of a cheese and cured meat tasting, hosted by owner and operator Will Frischkorn.  Cured is a wonderfully unique experience, specializing in artisan products produced in the United States.  We can say from experience, it is far worth the trip to get to try just a few of these products, and we highly recommend taking the time to stop by and get a sandwich or meat & cheese plate.

Will Frischkorn explaining the practice and passion behind American cheese-making.

Saturday was an amazing day full of fun.  The Food Law Society was able to experience food law in action in our own backyard.  Days like this get everyone excited for the next outing, and we hope to see you there!